Desert news in the Green Mountain State

So Tinmouth is about my favorite town in Vermont. It's tucked up in the hills, off the highway. Most visitors roll past it without knowing it's there. And it's one of the towns whose taxes support the library I work at. Thanks Tinmouth! Last Saturday I went to a curling bonspiel (The Verspiel! Woot!) which… Continue reading Desert news in the Green Mountain State


Rutland’s first family of recreation

Cindi Wight is a great ambassador for Rutland Recreation and Parks Department as well as active living in general. But Wight, the superintendent of the department, has been bringing a lot more to the job than even that for years. She's been bringing her family. The Wights -- husband Keith and children Josh, Molly and… Continue reading Rutland’s first family of recreation

A wing and a prayer

Here's the thing the Washington Capitals are failing coming to grips with: The team is built around a winger. So what? Teams that win championships are built down the middle. If anything, the Caps are regular-season overachievers, not playoff busts. They are OK down the middle -- Evgeny Kuznetsov might, possibly, be in the discussion of elite centers at some… Continue reading A wing and a prayer