Proctor trail

Exciting news from the outdoor recreation folks.

Those in the loop the past several years have been following with bated breath the requests to get permission for a trail from the top end of Pine Hill Park to Proctor, on the other side of the hill (the current park ends at Muddy Pond, on the southeast shoulder of Pine Hill, the crest of which forms the skyline between Rutland and Proctor.

Once completed, it will add a new, approximately 6.2-mile trail to the existing system. It would create an out-and-back loop of about 15 miles from trailhead to trailhead, in addition to the 16-odd miles of trails already in the Park.

It is, for outdoor rec in Rutland County, A Big Deal.

According to Michael Smith, who knows of which he speaks, it runs along the ridgeline, which could about double the vertical gain from the existing trails. Might be we’ll have a Crowley Trail 10-Miler one of these years, in addition to or instead of the existing road race.


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