Back from T.O.

After a whirlwind 10 days to Toronto and Niagara Falls, we’re back in Vermont.

A few notes from the road … the Creative Economy branding committee is really onto something with its Facebook initiative. And we need communitywide Wifi now.

We pretty much lived on my iPhone for the entire trip. It’s so much quicker than plugging in the laptop. I also want a Chromebook, iPad or reasonable facsimile before the next time I travel. There’s nothing like deciding to stop driving in an hour, pulling into a rest stop, firing up the phone on Wifi, comparison shopping for and booking your hotel room and checking out your dinner options … all in three to five minutes while the kids take a pee break.

That said, there’s no place like home …


2 thoughts on “Back from T.O.”

  1. I just followed that link and I had never seen that page before and did not understand what people were talking about with All Rutland. Above, you mentioned the Creative Economy and its Facebook Initiative, but I had no idea what you were talking about. And I’m not exactly unconnected from downtown Rutland, just not in the center clique. On the outskirts. Do they want sixteen people to know what they’re talking about or 200. Or, you know, Rutland.
    I also didn’t know that CE+FI=WIFI. How do we get this information out?


    1. We’re in the early days of getting the information out … we have put up posters around the area and are working on getting window stickers up so visitors can find them. We have started outreach beyond a few testers to get content moving through the allrutland pages, and the community seems interested, but it’s one business/organization at a time, with a small group of volunteers and one tech guru, so it will be slow going for a while.
      We’re a little ahead of much of the business community, given the turnout to various “How to Facebook” seminars, but that’s OK too. It’s an easy-to-use tool for them.
      And CE doesn’t have a Wifi push, but several businesses are working on it.


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