We wuz robbed …

Literally. Lost a nice radial arm saw. I have been packing it between houses as the repair jobs move back and forth, and somebody walked into our garage on Friday night and boosted it off the floor. Just a pile of sawdust and the discharge bag left.

Piss. Me. Off.

I know I should close the doors on the garage every night, but have gotten lazy and just hid the saw behind the closed door, on the floor. Next step will be one of those motion-sensor yard lights, which I hate because our neighborhood is overrun with cats people let run loose and they’re always setting the lights off.

A yard light or one of these … I really liked that saw.


1 thought on “We wuz robbed …”

  1. I understand your pain. We lost a lawn chair and I refuse to believe that it was stolen from our yard. I think I’d go with the gun thing myself.


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