Mendon and me

A letter to the editor today and a private missive in my inbox slagging the evil Mendonites who are trying to build a rec center in Rutland City.

Sigh. Where to begin?

OK, there’s probably somebody from Mendon in the Creative Economy outdoor rec committee. And the CE steering committee includes (if I have everybody’s hometown right) somebody from Chittenden, one from Middletown Springs or thereabouts, two from Rutland Town (although one of those was on my block until last week), and very possibly one from Mendon.

There’s also one from Rutland City who works in Castleton, one from Castleton who until recently worked in Rutland City and at least six of us who live and work in the city. There’s a mix of people who grew up here and never left, grew up moved away and came back and we outsiders (I’m from the Rockies, so refuse to use the term “flatlander”).

Second, what’s wrong with people in various communities in Rutland County working together?

Third, nobody was complaining when those same Mendonites were bringing free entertainment to downtown Rutland or working their asses off to get donations to build a walking path in Rutland City.

It’s just another fabrication/distortion brought to you by the Russian farmers.


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