Mad dogs and Escalades

Went for a run through the north end between 11 and noon today … 77 degress, 69 percent humidity. Naah, make that a jog … barely.

Thumbs down to … the woman in the newish black Saab who came over the little hill on Lincoln so fast you could see her shocks catching the weight of the car as it settled;

The guy in the white Escalade partial plate EFT? EFF? who turned onto Lincoln from Vernon Street without stopping and while talking on a cell phone.

Lest you think I’m picking on people in big fancy cars:

Thumbs up to the mother driving her child very sanely in her black Escalade

The mom in the beater minivan with three kids doing a sane 20 or so mph. Women with kids in minivans scare me, probably because so many of them are in a big rush. But probably 10% of the NW school community are dropping their kids off while talking on the phone and occasionally (very) signalling.

Other sightings … two runners (running runners, not jogging runners). Woo hoo!


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