Making Oreos look like health food

This just in from my pal Katye Munger’s sharp eye:

Chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Oreos. Yup, take a chocolate chip cookie’s worth of dough, stick an Oreo on it and top it with another chocolate chip cookie’s worth of dough, then bake.

Still, it’s nowhere near as bad as the latest state-fair-type junk food: Deep-fried butter on a stick. Yup, half a stick of butter, sweet cinnamon batter, deep-fried and drizzled with sugar in case it’s not bad enough for you.

Figure the batter is similar to deep-fried Twinkie batter (another Iowa State Fair classic). That’s +/- 300 calories. An 1/8th pound of butter adds 410 calories and about 150 percent of your suggested daily intake of saturated fats. Throw in the sugar frosting and call it an even 800 calories, or 40 percent of your recommended daily dietary intake and full-tilt on all the bad bits.

I like junk food, but this is toxic waste dump food.


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