Saw III: The moral dilemma

The Rutland City PD weren’t much help with my stolen saw, although in complete fairness, I didn’t really expect them to be. I should have taken better care of the damned thing in the first place.

Like, seeing as how I didn’t write down the serial number on the saw anywhere, I can’t prove it’s mine, or used to be. I did ask whether, if I bought it and handed it to them, they could dust it for fingerprints, as if it is/was my saw, it will have thousands and thousands of my prints all over it. They said it would be too much work because they’d have to ship it to the crime lab …

The big question is whether I should pay some guy on Craigslist to get my own saw back … it’s a pretty good deal and the saw’s in great condition (and yes, “well maintained” is one of the selling points listed in the ad).

And yes, it really pulled the workshop together.


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