Hurri(cane) up and wait

OK, I’ve lectured the new reporters on covering storms (for my Foster’s buddies, yes, that did include the factoid that pencils write better on wet paper than pens, although I updated it with a reminder to recharge your cell phones and dig out your thumb drives).

I’ve planned out backups and backups of backups in case the power goes out. In this era of decentralized operations, that includes the power going out here, in the Upper Valley, Burlington, Atlanta and/or the loading dock across town.

I’ve dug out the battery-powered lanterns and am checking to make sure the generator has fuel.

Two things left: Anybody knows anybody from Vermont who’s supposed to be vacationing south along the East Coast this weekend? … and …

Soundtrack for the weekend:

Like a hurricane; Rock you like a hurricane; Blowin like a bandit; Blowin in the wind; Goodnight Irene.


2 thoughts on “Hurri(cane) up and wait”

  1. Don’t forget Dylan’s Hurricane “the man the authorities came to blame/for something that he never done/put in a prison cell but one time he coulda been the champion of the wooooorrrrrlllld”


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