You know you’re boring when …

The Saturday morning dump run is the social highlight of your weekend.

For people whose trash is picked up for them as one of the things for which you pay taxes (you know, like everywhere outside of New England), it’s a tradition here to take your trash to the “transfer station” once a week, usually Saturday mornings, where it’s loaded onto trucks and hauled to places less well off, which host enormous regional landfills.

We cheat by paying for weekly pickup, but I do dump runs with yard waste and the like. It’s often something of a social occasion, although today I didn’t bump into anybody I knew.

I have to say though, the staff is tremendous: friendly, helpful, outgoing. If the rest of the city ran as well as the transfer station, we would have the lowest taxes in New England, the best roads, and the happiest citizens. Hey, maybe they should move City Hall to the landfill and let GMP have the building on Strongs Avenue for their new regional headquarters …


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