Around town

Rutland city for once dodged the worst of flooding, with one notable exception. Michael Garofano Sr. has been confirmed dead following his disappearance at the city water inlet in Mendon yesterday.

Michael Jr. is missing from the same incident. Crews have been searching for about 25 hours now.

The Herald extends its condolences, and thanks to Frank Urso for acting as a spokesperson for the family.

Other news from a walkabout downtown:

The Chamber of Commerce is responding to numerous requests for flight information in and out of the airport; there is a route open to the airport via Route 103/Route 7 with a detour around the collapsed bridges on North Shrewsbury Road/Cold River Road, past the hospital.

The Salvation Army is standing by to help people moving back into their homes, with cleanup and with emergency food for first responders and clean up crews. They have also gotten a shipment of food and supplies into Ludlow from Rutland via Manchester. You do the map

The BROC food shelf on Wales Street is open until 4 pm today; they will be on regular 8 am to noon hours tomorrow, “depending on demand.”

The city schools escaped relatively unscathed; expect an announcement on their schedules soon. Bus routes will be the big issue …


1 thought on “Around town”

  1. Is anything being done to help the people of Pittsfield????? My son lives there, and says they’ve seen NOBODY…no Salvation Army, no Red Cross, no CVPS, not even local fire department personnel…they have no power, very little water, all routes in and out of town are blocked, and they are running out of food…but his school…hahaha…actually expects them to come into work what a freaking joke!!


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