Bouquets (mostly) and bumblebees

The odd moments are starting to build up, as they always do, in the flow of an ongoing event. A few for the vaults …

FEMA arrived overnight Monday. The hospital was hoping they would call, as lots of medical personnel were stranded in places like Pittsfield and Killington. RRMC was hoping either a) their staff could be evacuated via helicopter to work at the hospital or b) could be of assistance in situ until roads got pushed through. I called the FEMA PR person to pass on the hospital’s request and contact information and had to explain the concept to FEMA … twice. Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.

The city police helpfully put up “No parking” bags over the meters at the temporary relief supplies drop off site at 34 Strongs Ave.

Then an overenthusiastic officer threatened the volunteers with a fine because they didn’t have a permit.

They now have a letter of permission from Mayor Louras.

Collections are going well, btw. There’s already one truckload of stuff shipped up to the Killington VFD. Drop by … the usual stuff like baby needs, water, canned food and toiletries. Business was brisk when I dropped in around 6 for a chat.

Commuter of the year award to Bob Myers, a teacher at Barstow Memorial School, who got from Woodstock to the school in Chittenden in two hours. That got him through the Valley of the Busted Roads … there’s no east-west traffic from Bridgewater to Bethel. He got a little cocky, though, going home, and tried a different route. Word is yes, he’s spending the night with friends on this side of the mountains.

And a tip of the hat to the Herald’s chief photographer, Vyto Starinskas, who hiked up the hill to Pico, got a lift to Killington, borrowed a friend’s dirt bike and rode into Pittsfield to survey the damage. Look for his work in Wednesday’s Herald.


2 thoughts on “Bouquets (mostly) and bumblebees”

  1. Randall, FYI,I left a notice on this morning about having extra bedroom in our home near the bus line for Rutland City .health care workers stranded up on the mountain.If we run out of space, I can get other people set up also . I am assuming they will have to walk out to Sugar & Spice, Can you help to get the word out?


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