Water scofflaws

For the most part, I’ve been trying along with my family to conserve water as Rutland’s DPW struggles to reconnect the city water supply before the reservoir runs dry.

I think that probably puts us in the middle ground; no, we’re not taking sponge baths, and no, you probably don’t want to read lots of Facebook posts and tweets from people who are (not to mention Alderman Ed Larson by name or anything, but driving around with a sign and a land shark on his Jeep is one thing; telling me how he showers is something else altogether.

OK, I admit it. I had a longish shower the other day, just because I could.

 But on my run today, I went past a guy washing his car, a greenish mid-oughts Chevy Cavalier, his garden hose spurting water. He was a youngish guy, with the requisite Dale Earnhardt mustache, the one that looks like two french fries dangling from his nostrils over his upper lip.

Now I’m sure the car needed a wash, but lower Library Ave. is not exactly home to the Rutland concours d’elegance and his ride is a lot closer to junker than vintage automobile. Nope, he was making a statement, and the statement was something along the lines of, “Murka, land uh thu free, baby, and ah kin warsh muh guddamn car any guddamn time ah wanna.” His parole officer must be so proud.


3 thoughts on “Water scofflaws”

  1. I was thinking of a contest with a trophy awarded to the “Dirtiest Car in Rutland”. Proudly I am vying for the top spot. The Fair mud was a great addition and right now a badge of honor. Unfortunate that others are oblivious to this critical situation.


  2. I lived in California during drought alerts and know the drill. I’m cutting back but it’s very very hard to take this seriously when we still allow car washes to operate. I’m sure Mr. Alderman could give out rain checks for a few weeks to help the rest of us get through this tough time.


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