NYC update

Just (just … six hours on the train!) got back from New York.

The Blood in this Town was very warmly received by an SRO crowd of not more than 139 people (the fire marshal’s maximum for the room) at the Pratt Institute in Manhattan on Friday night. It’s the third time I’ve been part of a panel and the fifth time I’ve been to a screening.

An obvious difference during the movie is the laugh lines … a lot of the laugh lines work better when the audience doesn’t know the person and what’s likely to come out of their mouth.

The post-screening discussion is always wildly different. Vermonters tend to want to share their perceptions of Rutland or Pine Hill Park or some other specific part of the movie. About the fourth question on Friday led directly into the meaning of life (re. the philosophical question, not the Monty Python film). The one that set me off on a soapbox speech was a musing as to whether we shouldn’t just give up on Rutland and by extension small town America (and also by extension move to New York, I guess) because it is an evolutionary trend.

All in all, a very exciting evening to be part of. Thanks to Art Jones for making it happen and to the Pratt Institute for hosting the screening.


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