There but for the grace of caffeine go I …

It takes real commitment for Mary Powell to change her name to advertise the company’s product, don’t you think?

Vt utility exceeds goal to install 1k solar panels

COLCHESTER, Vt. (AP) – Vermont’s Green Mountain Power says it has exceeded its goal of installing 1,000 solar panels in 1,000 days.

GMP says it has installed or had approved for installation 26,000 panels within its service territory.

The solar facilities include 952 panels in Berlin, 616 panels on the roof of the company’s Montpelier headquarters, and 308 panels at its Westminster Service Center.

The company has also built 530 panels in a “solar orchard” at Shelburne Farms, 412 solar panels at National Life Group, and 345 panels at the Camels Hump Middle School in Richmond.

GMP President Mary Power says the more panels the utility has on line, the less electricity it has to buy from the New England regional market during peak times, which comes from expensive and higher carbon-emitting sources.

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