The latest industrial food atrocity comes from Washington State via apple packager Snokist (full story here). The scariest line from the report? FDA regulations to (sic) allow companies to “recondition” food, but the final product must be free of contamination …

This after Snokist “heat treated” several ginormous bags of moldy applesauce intended for baby food, then repackaged them for sale; illnesses resulted. Presumably they went to the trouble of heat-treating because “rules prohibit mixing contaminated product with sound product to get to acceptable levels of filth,” this according to Pat El-Hinnawy, an FDA spokeswoman.” I’m sure Ms. El-Hinnawy intends that to assure the consumer that the FDA is thoroughly safeguarding our food, but does that phrase, “acceptable levels of filth,” make anyone else gag, just a little?

When my Grandma Schobert would catch someone trying to sneak a fast one past her, she would call their story by saying it was  “applesauce.” So, Ms. El-Hinnaway, on behalf of the FDA, “applesauce, applesauce, applesauce.”

Meanwhile, I’ll get my apples (and cider, and cider doughnuts) from Brown’s Farm Stand, or Mendon Mountain Orchard, or Champlain Valley Orchards, or any one of the other local producers.


1 thought on “Applesauce”

  1. All the more reason not to ever buy anything processed. I watched a show that made it very simple for people to understand. They said to think of food this way: If nature made it, then it’s ok to eat, if a processing plant made it, don’t eat it. I have found it much cheaper to buy the raw ingredients myself and make whatever I want. Fortunately I love to cook and have the time. I still haven’t figured out how to make chocolate or cheeses though.


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