Festival of Trees

A couple of exciting new items from the upcoming program for the Paramount Theatre’s biggest annual fundraiser … the Festival of Trees.

Michael Smith is going to host a private mountain bike tour of Pine Hill Park for four guests … followed with pizza from the wood-fired oven he built in the quarry over the summer. (He promises to take it easy on anybody who might not be ready to keep up with him at full speed, which is most of us.)

Another favorite is Lucy Allen Tenenbaum — voice coach, teacher and piano tuner extraordinaire — offering an hour’s private voice lessons. You’ll wow ’em at karaoke after Lucy’s tips.

And as always, we will have a wide selection of both live and silent auction items for a variety of budgets … stay tuned for more, and save the date: starting Dec. 3 at 6 pm at the theatre, dahling.


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