Making MS Word look smart

One theory has it that the reason Microsoft’s word processor is not called “Words” is because of the limits of its spelling database and truth-in-advertising laws … . So it’s rare, nay, almost unheard of, to find a distinctly more useless automated spell-checking “tool.” Unless you use WordPress. The built-in editor just rejected “bocce.”

OK, maybe hoping that software will ever be able to help our alphabetically challenged brethren distinguish between “loose” and “lose” or “reign” and “rein” is too much*. And technically “bocce” is a foreign word, although there’s no analogous English word, so it’s not like I was trying to slip in bonsoir for “good evening” or anything. The game’s called bocce in Italy and bocce in Flatbush.

In the words of Big Al Small, “Adam-12, Adam-12 … report of a two-O brootal in progress …”

*Although it does flag “rein” to make sure users don’t mean “reign,” it doesn’t work vice-versa. And it offers two different lists of suggested replacements for bocce and “bocce.” The winning entry: How about a nice glass of Chianti and a game of bodice after dinner?


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