Great Jones

Art Jones has reached (and passed) his goal of $14,800 to fund distribution of The Blood in This Town to community groups looking for some inspiration as they try to recalibrate what’s possible in their communities.

From the Kickstarter pitch:

We will replicate and distribute DVDs, create a Discussion & Action Guide, and organize screenings & forums in arts centers, churches and town halls. We’re working to re-connect people with the power of storytelling and inspire their own efforts to “change the narrative.”

It’s exciting for him and should be exciting for Rutland, which will now benefit from hundreds of screenings introducing it as the little city that was working to recreate itself. That really doesn’t suck. (As an aside … newsrooms are traditionally not places for group hugs and mass celebration, because it’s always time to work on tomorrow’s edition. So my scale of approval has for a long time been “That sucks … that doesn’t suck … that really doesn’t suck.” Anything else is frivolous hyperbole.)

Word is that Art’s coming up for the shot at the national one-day blood drive record on Dec. 20. If you see him, give him a pat on the back and a thanks.


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