Now the record is up to the Red Cross (and us)

The folks at the Gift of Life marathon have filled their 2,100 appointment slots for the Dec. 20 blood drive.

That means CVPS has done the biggest part of its job — advance publicity and organizing. Steve Costello gets the lion’s share of the recognition for his work with the blood drive, but CV’s Chuck Piotrowski is juggling all the volunteers for the day itself (along with his soon-to-be dadness … congrats to Chuck and Erin). And of course, they don’t do it alone. Nanci Gordon and Terry Jaye from WJJR deserve huge accolades too, although they have the biggest part of their job ahead of them with the daylong radio appearance reminding people that yes, this is the day to show up.

Whether Rutland’s drive (and I deliberately didn’t say “the city’s” drive there because it is truly a countywide/regional effort) makes the national record now depends mainly on two things: The weather, and the ability of the Red Cross and a couple of hundred volunteers to actually push that number of appointments through the pipeline in the time allotted. And it depends on all of us who have booked a time to show up and donate.

Regardless of those factors, a well-done and thanks to CVPS, Steve and Chuck for successfully getting us this far.


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