New Year? Old news

The rest of the family is back at their scholastic endeavors, so time I got back to posting. It’s hard to find time to write when Daddy duty is on call … but a terrific season just the same.

Some semi-random thoughts from around Rutland to start the year:

Still waiting to see some coverage from the new Community College of Vermont building on the corner of Wales and West. C’mon guys, it’s the biggest construction project in the city in years, it has an announced opening date of January 2012, it’s January 2012 last I checked and there are people unpacking boxes in offices … so what’s up? Word on the street is that CCV has moved into its new digs. So? It’s on WALES STREET. Shouldn’t be that hard to report on …

Could the latest pair of Rutland City police suspensions have come at a worse time for the department? Let’s see: The aldermen are threatening to show a spine when it comes to the need for more police spending; former chief Bossi is celebrating his retirement after a lengthy career highlighted by a better sense of survival than of community; judging by its inability to make a hire in a timely fashion, the police commission seems to have been taken completely by surprise by Bossi’s retirement even though he made it clear last year that he was just hanging on for the longevity mark; and now there are two MORE officers suspended for alleged misdeeds.

The city deserves a better-run police department than this — no, we need a better-run department. Hopefully, whoever the next chief is will consider it part of his or her job to know if one of his senior NCOs is watching porn on the job. Better yet, hopefully, they’ll consider it part of their job to do something about it …


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