Feeding time

Anderson, M.T. (2004). Feed. Somerville, Massachusetts: Candlewick Press.

Genre: Science fiction

Intended audience: Mid-teens and up

Personal reaction to the bookfeed: The first 90 or so pages largely establish the fictional world. As the book is told through the point of view of a teenage boy at some point in a future with air cars and spring break on the moon, the book has to establish what that world is like through the protagonist’s eyes. So the first section of the book puts the reader inside the head of a fairly clueless narrator whose awareness of himself, society and those around him grows during the rest of the story. Readers will likely form their opinion of the characters and the book in general based on their response to this long introductory section; I found it vacuous and annoying.

The critique of the future society – including the ever-present commercial feed piped into the youths’ heads – comes toward the end and is a clear critique of the commercial nature of contemporary society.

Author facts: M.T. Anderson has written books ranging from picture books to books for adults. He has lived in England and Italy as well as his Massachusetts home. He started at his publisher, Candlewick Press, as an intern.

Related web site: http://mt-anderson.com/


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