Mighty Maus

Spiegelman, A. (2008). Maus, I: A survivor’s tale: My father bleeds history. Paw Prints: Charlotte, North Carolina.

Genre: Graphic novel / memoir

Intended audience: Older teens, adults.

MausPersonal reaction to the book: Originally published in 1986, Maus pretty much set the standard for “serious” graphic novels, and it’s hard to separate reputation that from the book, coming to it late like this. I wasn’t blown away by it, but given my expectations coming in, that’s not surprising. It’s far easier to be impressed when you pick up a book without anticipating it will be anything special and it turns out to be brilliant.

I liked it, but wouldn’t urge it on anyone except readers looking to understand what’s possible in the graphic genre. Given the combination of subject, form and expectation, it’s not for everyone — despite its status as a modern classic.

Author facts: Art Spiegelman started to draw professionally at 16. He was the creator of the Garbage Pail Kids. His parents wanted him to become a dentist.

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