Sweet 16 ain’t so peachy keen

Shepard, S. (2008). Unbelievable. New York: Harper Teen.

Genre: Mystery

Intended audience: Mid-teen girls and older

UnbelievablePersonal reaction to the book: Surprisingly good (it is the basis for an ABC Family TV show) little thriller. Combines lots of social infighting/gossip with just a touch of violence to produce a book with a lot going on. Certainly age-appropriate for mid-teens and up.

Having started midseries (this is No. 4), now I wish I had started with No. 1 in the series. It took me some time to catch up on which bitch was which as far as the back-biting and name-calling. C’est la vie.

I can’t decide if all the name-dropping and brand-naming is supposed to sell America’s moneyed elite as an aspiration or to mock them as inbred losers.

Author facts: Sara Shepard loosely based the Pretty Little Liars series on her upbringing along Philadelphia’s prestigious Main Line. She got an MFA from Brooklyn College. She plans on 16 books in the series.

Related website: http://www.saracshepard.com/


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