Butter: A rich history

book butterButter: A rich history by Elaine Khosrova

Published by Chapel Hill, 2016

I am suspicious of most things foodie these days, so would not have picked this up myself. But it came with an enthusiastic recommendation from the Spousal Unit, and I’m glad it did.
Part travelogue, part recipe, chemistry & history book with a healthy splash of feminism, it’s a well-rounded title. Like any good food title, parts of it will make you hungry.
I was a little underwhelmed by some of the travel bits — they came across a bit self-impressed:
“Ooo, look at me, wandering into a quaint Irish kitchen as I sample some delicious sweet cream butter that I, me, myself thoroughly enjoyed, did I.”
I did like the visit to the Himalayas that framed the narrative, which was more about the process / history of yak butter than the author.

pexels-photo.jpgpexels-photo.jpgpexels-photo.jpgpexels-photo.jpg 4/5


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