D__fuse confusion

Diffusion of cream into coffee.

Figuratively can literally rest in peace. Literally means – or meant, some years ago – that what was discussed was literally true. It was a statement of fact, not a word picture. So Kylian Mbappe didn’t literally place the French soccer team on his back en route to the winning the World Cup, which would… Continue reading D__fuse confusion

Rutland’s first family of recreation

Cindi Wight is a great ambassador for Rutland Recreation and Parks Department as well as active living in general. But Wight, the superintendent of the department, has been bringing a lot more to the job than even that for years. She's been bringing her family. The Wights -- husband Keith and children Josh, Molly and… Continue reading Rutland’s first family of recreation

A wing and a prayer

Here's the thing the Washington Capitals are failing coming to grips with: The team is built around a winger. So what? Teams that win championships are built down the middle. If anything, the Caps are regular-season overachievers, not playoff busts. They are OK down the middle -- Evgeny Kuznetsov might, possibly, be in the discussion of elite centers at some… Continue reading A wing and a prayer