Capt. Fantastic … or craptastic?

So apologies to Boston Bruins fans. I'm not a Bruins hater (I started watching hockey about the time Robert Gordon Orr started getting paid to play it so I've always had a soft spot for them), but living in New England means getting doses of NESN coverage and there's nothing that makes a thinking person… Continue reading Capt. Fantastic … or craptastic?

Embarrassment to democracy

There's plenty of embarrassing to go around this election season. Some of it beyond the GOP presidential field. Donald Trump is a historically bad candidate, yes. Barry Goldwater bad, in that he is likely to signify a sea change in how the country is run and by whom. But it was Marco Rubio who made… Continue reading Embarrassment to democracy

Big little brother

Doctorow, C. (2008). Little Brother. New York: Tor Teen. Genre: Dystopian / realistic / near-future cyberpunk Intended audience: Mid-teens and up; anti-authoritarians and rebels Personal reaction to the book: This is thought-provoking if a little didactic (OK, a lot didactic at times). It's a well-researched and totally subversive guide for teens. I would have read… Continue reading Big little brother

Heavy-handed message

Zusak, M. (2002). I am the messenger. New York: Alfred E. Knopf. Genre: Realistic / fable Intended audience: Older teens Personal reaction to the book: SPOILER ALERT: Review contains spoiler. I really enjoyed the book until the final chapter or so. For most of the book, the game for a reader was guessing who was… Continue reading Heavy-handed message