Capt. Fantastic … or craptastic?

So apologies to Boston Bruins fans. I'm not a Bruins hater (I started watching hockey about the time Robert Gordon Orr started getting paid to play it so I've always had a soft spot for them), but living in New England means getting doses of NESN coverage and there's nothing that makes a thinking person… Continue reading Capt. Fantastic … or craptastic?


Big little brother

Doctorow, C. (2008). Little Brother. New York: Tor Teen. Genre: Dystopian / realistic / near-future cyberpunk Intended audience: Mid-teens and up; anti-authoritarians and rebels Personal reaction to the book: This is thought-provoking if a little didactic (OK, a lot didactic at times). It's a well-researched and totally subversive guide for teens. I would have read… Continue reading Big little brother

Heavy-handed message

Zusak, M. (2002). I am the messenger. New York: Alfred E. Knopf. Genre: Realistic / fable Intended audience: Older teens Personal reaction to the book: SPOILER ALERT: Review contains spoiler. I really enjoyed the book until the final chapter or so. For most of the book, the game for a reader was guessing who was… Continue reading Heavy-handed message