As American as ice cream

So on Monday I finally got my American citizenship at a ceremony in Montpelier, so no more green card. It was a nice ceremony. The speech from Judge William Sessions was heartfelt, but it rather missed the point for me and most of my fellow emigres, or at least the ones to whom I spoke.… Continue reading As American as ice cream

Montreal? Mais non!

I see the Herald will be running a regular arts column about Montreal (distance, 181 miles). I can only hope that means we'll be seeing regular coverage of the lively arts scenes in Saratoga (72 miles), Glens Falls (52 miles), Hanover (51 miles), and/or Tinmouth, which has a really good little performing arts operation we never seemed to have time… Continue reading Montreal? Mais non!

The price of power

It always cracked me up, when I got accused of running a "socialist" newspaper, that the worst, most personal abuse I ever got was from Annette Smith and the anti-wind movement. So I'm pleased to see the state is finally pushing forward in a serious way with wind energy in its portfolio. The state's energy plan… Continue reading The price of power