Walkabout Manhattan

I had planned on going to the MOMA early Saturday morning, but it was a beautiful day and decided to go for a walk instead. Starting at the Broadway/Lafayette subway station -- roundabout First Street, if all the streets had numbers instead of names, I meandered up Broadway and Park Avenue toward the museum. For a… Continue reading Walkabout Manhattan

More OPEN stuff

From the farm front ... Williams Farmstand is open and sez their spuds weren't flooded. The Farmers' Market downtown is open and going strong Saturdays. Great community response there to the flooding; most of their farms were not affected, with a couple of notable exceptions. (In addition to the much-lamented Evening Song Farm, who lost their fields… Continue reading More OPEN stuff

The Shires are OPEN

Bennington, which suffered through Irene's backlash at their Garlic Festival early in the month, is in full gear this weekend, with the car show and quilt festival both open and expecting to be fully operational. Manchester is having one of its usual, ho-hum, September-in-paradise kind of weekends, with a major art show at the Southern… Continue reading The Shires are OPEN

RAFFL dinner is so ON

Our good friends at RAFFL and Roots the Restaurant are hosting a pair of dinners to help farmers affected by the flooding in Vermont. Dates are Thursdays, Sept. 15 and 22. 15 percent of proceeds and tips from the celebrity waiters are going to the cause. While you're at it, check out RAFFL's staff blog… Continue reading RAFFL dinner is so ON

Tour de Farms is ON

Jonathan Corcoran and the good folks up in Shoreham want to get the word out that the Tour de Farms is ON for this Sunday. Combining a spectacular bike ride with even more spectacular food, it's a chance to celebrate Vermont. Have you got an announcement about a business, nonprofit or organization that is reopening… Continue reading Tour de Farms is ON


What does it say about my lifelong abusive eating habits when: I go on a "healthy" diet for two weeks ... lots of greens, yogurt, water, almost exclusively whole-wheat bread products, plenty of fruit, cut my coffee consumption in half (and make that half-caf), almost no sweets or chips, no ice cream ... and I'm in… Continue reading Homeopathy

The Farrell Vending Diet, or Why BMI Sucks

So I'm on one of those semiannual health kicks, lured by nice weather and an abundance of local food to get out, exercise and try to get into shape. But what shape? I'm a little over 5-foot-9 and weigh 175 (on my doctor's scale, which is five pounds heavy, but that's another tale). My BMI… Continue reading The Farrell Vending Diet, or Why BMI Sucks

Making Oreos look like health food

This just in from my pal Katye Munger's sharp eye: Chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Oreos. Yup, take a chocolate chip cookie's worth of dough, stick an Oreo on it and top it with another chocolate chip cookie's worth of dough, then bake. Still, it's nowhere near as bad as the latest state-fair-type junk food:… Continue reading Making Oreos look like health food