Missing the thread

Well, we know who's winning the parental influence tug-of-war, at least when it comes to music. On the way to the boys' first professional hockey game (Adirondack Phantoms 4, Albany Devils 3), I was searching unsuccessfully on the FM for something more appropriate than Cat Country (gack) and generic office-muzak "rock" stations. Katya asked if… Continue reading Missing the thread


Montreal? Mais non!

I see the Herald will be running a regular arts column about Montreal (distance, 181 miles). I can only hope that means we'll be seeing regular coverage of the lively arts scenes in Saratoga (72 miles), Glens Falls (52 miles), Hanover (51 miles), and/or Tinmouth, which has a really good little performing arts operation we never seemed to have time… Continue reading Montreal? Mais non!

The Shires are OPEN

Bennington, which suffered through Irene's backlash at their Garlic Festival early in the month, is in full gear this weekend, with the car show and quilt festival both open and expecting to be fully operational. Manchester is having one of its usual, ho-hum, September-in-paradise kind of weekends, with a major art show at the Southern… Continue reading The Shires are OPEN

Hurri(cane) up and wait

OK, I've lectured the new reporters on covering storms (for my Foster's buddies, yes, that did include the factoid that pencils write better on wet paper than pens, although I updated it with a reminder to recharge your cell phones and dig out your thumb drives). I've planned out backups and backups of backups in… Continue reading Hurri(cane) up and wait