Resolving to run … or plod to fitness

This new year, like most years and like many people, I decided I needed to get into better shape. Which is, let's face it, how gyms make money. I saw an article online recently that said as many as 90 percent of people who sign up for health clubs as a result of a New… Continue reading Resolving to run … or plod to fitness

Speed thrills

Three of the four remaining teams in the NHL playoffs value skill over aggression, which is a hopeful trend in the NHL. NHL teams tend to copy success -- so the team that wins the Cup sets a template for other teams. And this year, three of the four divisional playoffs were won by the best-skating team in the… Continue reading Speed thrills

A wing and a prayer

Here's the thing the Washington Capitals are failing coming to grips with: The team is built around a winger. So what? Teams that win championships are built down the middle. If anything, the Caps are regular-season overachievers, not playoff busts. They are OK down the middle -- Evgeny Kuznetsov might, possibly, be in the discussion of elite centers at some… Continue reading A wing and a prayer

What’s wrong with the Red Sox?

You might think that after 40 years of watching baseball I would be used to the average fan's (or sportswriter's) complete inability to understand basic statistics. But watching the meltdown around this year's underachieving Red Sox is yet another reminder that not all baseball fans can do long division. The consensus is that the Sox'… Continue reading What’s wrong with the Red Sox?