Time to rethink rec.

Specifically, it's time to rethink the role the Recreation and Parks Dept. plays in Rutland City. Briefly, the genesis of this idea was running through a few disconnects in my head ... wait, that doesn't sound right ... in my head, I ran through a few disconnects. Yeah, that's better: As many of you know,… Continue reading Time to rethink rec.


Great Jones

Art Jones has reached (and passed) his goal of $14,800 to fund distribution of The Blood in This Town to community groups looking for some inspiration as they try to recalibrate what's possible in their communities. From the Kickstarter pitch: We will replicate and distribute DVDs, create a Discussion & Action Guide, and organize screenings… Continue reading Great Jones

NYC update

Just (just ... six hours on the train!) got back from New York. The Blood in this Town was very warmly received by an SRO crowd of not more than 139 people (the fire marshal's maximum for the room) at the Pratt Institute in Manhattan on Friday night. It's the third time I've been part of a panel and the fifth… Continue reading NYC update

The Blood in NYC

I am off to New York City on Friday with Michael Smith and Jim Sabataso to do a panel discussion at the Pratt Center after a screening of Art Jones' most excellent documentary "The Blood in This Town." It will be exciting to see how small-town revitalization plays in a big-city setting. Should be a lot… Continue reading The Blood in NYC

Changing face of downtown

After a period of stagnation, change is coming to downtown Rutland. Some change is inevitable: Stores close or move away; others open or move in. That change is also short[term cyclical. The change I'm discussing is also cyclical, but over a much longer term. At one time, downtown was the social and shopping center of… Continue reading Changing face of downtown

Mendon and me

A letter to the editor today and a private missive in my inbox slagging the evil Mendonites who are trying to build a rec center in Rutland City. Sigh. Where to begin? OK, there's probably somebody from Mendon in the Creative Economy outdoor rec committee. And the CE steering committee includes (if I have everybody's… Continue reading Mendon and me

Rutland gets all 21st-century

There's a new way to get the word out about local events, businesses, nonprofits and attractions. The branding committee of the Creative Economy group is releasing a logo incorporating a QR code to help Rutland County institutions reach potential clients. The logo, designed by Mike Gauthier at Greenscreen Graphics, incorporates a keyhole, a yin/yang, the Green… Continue reading Rutland gets all 21st-century