Distracted driving

I thought Steve Pappas had a good editorial on driving and cell phones in the Times Argus this week (reprinted in the Herald), but there's another step media outlets can take on this issue. An editorial is fine, but regular coverage of issues speak louder because they are repetitive. With the state legislature likely to… Continue reading Distracted driving

New Year? Old news

The rest of the family is back at their scholastic endeavors, so time I got back to posting. It's hard to find time to write when Daddy duty is on call ... but a terrific season just the same. Some semi-random thoughts from around Rutland to start the year: Still waiting to see some coverage from… Continue reading New Year? Old news


There's a certain logic to Vladimir Putin's unhappiness over the sudden uproar to fixed elections. The West's reaction is, after all, reminiscent of Captain Renault closing down Rick's cafe. Russian elections have been rigged since there has been a Russia again and during the entire history of the Soviet Union before that. I covered the Davis… Continue reading Rossiya

Health care and small business

A letter in today's paper used as antonyms the terms "single payer health care advocates" and "small business owners." Anybody else see the fallacy there? Besides Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, say. For years and years, American business organizations have been fighting for tariffs and trade restrictions on the grounds that those businesses have cost advantages… Continue reading Health care and small business

Crimes batted in

Baseball is a religion, which makes Bill James the leader of some heretical schism. True believers in the Word of Bill can be identified not by the ability to recite the formula for Wins Above Replacement or what PECOTA stands for; those are misguided fanatics following false prophets, like the Rosicrucians out of Foucault's Pendulum. They… Continue reading Crimes batted in

Irene may be first of many

There's an important news article on the web this morning about climate change ... including important for Vermont. The Intergovernmental Program on Climate Change is warning that "extreme" weather events could become much more common. Among the effects seen worldwide is a shifting northward of hurricane tracks; Tropical Storm Irene was just one example, having been… Continue reading Irene may be first of many

War on tar sands

The reaction by Bill McKibben and others in the environmental movement to the hiatus on the Keystone pipeline project was premature and, frankly, misguided. I'm thinking Nancy Reagan, "Just say no" misguided. Delaying the project will not keep the oil in the ground in Fort McMurray. The developer has already released plans to reroute the… Continue reading War on tar sands

PSU mess offers a reminder

The allegations against Jerry Sandusky, the longtime Penn State assistant, are yet another reminder of the misplaced concern over pedophiles in this country. The as-yet-unproven charges detail a pattern of a pedophile insinuating himself into a position of trust and therefore access to a steady supply of potential victims; we've seen it with the Catholic church, in… Continue reading PSU mess offers a reminder

Out on a limb

You've heard by now that the self-imposed growers' fee of 15 cents per tree for those selling more than 500 trees has been, um, axed. You've heard of the California Raisins, "where's the beef," "pork, the other white meat," and "got milk." Well, now you won't hear a similar message from Christmas tree growers. There… Continue reading Out on a limb

Missing, not missed

Three years ago, when a black man was elected president of the United States on a platform of change and then started to effect it, the Internet was infested with posters reciting the words of Thomas Jefferson: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." That… Continue reading Missing, not missed