Mostly harmless

Turner, M.W. (2005). The thief. New York: Greenwillow. (First published 1996.) Genre: Fantasy Intended audience: Tweens / young teens Personal reaction to the book: The thief got the Douglas Adams review: Mostly harmless. You have read better fantasies; you have read worse fantasies. It is appropriate for younger teens / tweens and is a safe… Continue reading Mostly harmless


Presto! C’est chic

Tobin, P., & Coover, C. (2013). Bandette, Volume 1: Presto! Milwaukie, Oregon: Dark Horse Comics. Genre: Graphic novel Intended audience: Mid-teens and older Personal reaction to the book: A fun option to the dark violence and manga subgenres that dominate so much of the graphic novel scene. Bandette is a very French protagonist (think Amelie,… Continue reading Presto! C’est chic

Tapping at my chamber door

Stiefvater, M. (2012). The raven boys. New York: Scholastic. Genre: Supernatural, adventure Intended audience: Mid-teens and up. Personal reaction to the book: Loved it. Well-rounded characters, believable motivations, good dialogue; by turns funny and emotionally satisfying. It does not talk down to its audience. The only book for the course thus far (out of six)… Continue reading Tapping at my chamber door

Digging Holes

Sachar, L. (2008). Holes: 10th anniversary edition. New York: Yearling. Genre: Adventure Intended audience: Tweens and younger teens Personal reaction to the book: A great tween/teen story: Nice use of flashbacks, good moral without being moralist and a quick, fun read. Well-crafted characters. The mundane description of the bizarre work camp adds texture. It's a… Continue reading Digging Holes

Taken for a Ride

Patterson, J. (2005). The angel experiment (Maximum Ride #1). New York: Little, Brown & Co. Genre: Fantasy /¬†adventure Intended audience: General YA Personal reaction to the book: It's a crap book, but it's a crap book aimed carefully at a demographic that undoubtedly loves it. The extensive, repeated descriptions of flying and escaping the bad… Continue reading Taken for a Ride