War … what is it good for?

Cormier, R. (2000). The chocolate war. New York: Laurel Leaf. (First published 1974.) Genre: Realistic fiction. Intended audience: Teens Personal reaction to the book: It's not pretty cynical for a teen book, it's pretty cynical (as in Raymond Chandler's “Red wind,” where the pearls from the dead lover are fake). Even I, cynical former newspaper… Continue reading War … what is it good for?

Let’s talk about sex

Blume, Judy. (1975). Forever … . Scarsdale, N.Y.: Bradbury Press. Genre: Romance / realistic fiction Intended audience: Older teens, especially girls Personal reaction to the book: Steamy for its era and certainly for Blume's traditional audience; it would be a relatively tame romance by contemporary adult standards (for instance, I just did a comparison of… Continue reading Let’s talk about sex