Smart meters in, err, on da house

The CVPS meter installer was up and down our block last Friday. We are now the proud owners of two, count 'em two, smart meters. That replaces the old setup, installed so the previous householders could take advantage of CV's off-peak-hours program. That's easier when it's two octogenarians instead of a family of four. But… Continue reading Smart meters in, err, on da house


So what’s so smart about it?

OK, I admit that I'm a bit of an early adopter. I've always liked gadgets. So I'm inclined toward accepting the new meters. But I think CVPS, GMP and the rest have really short sold themselves by not stressing more the fact that smart grid technology is what's going to let microgeneration work. A lot has been… Continue reading So what’s so smart about it?

Bad investments

It looks like the legislature is cooling off on forcing Green Mountain Power and CVPS to sell their interests in Velco to the state. For those not following the blow-by-blow on this one, GMP -- Vermont's second-largest utility -- is buying CVPS -- Vermont's largest utility; as both own large minority stakes in Velco, Vermont's transmission company,… Continue reading Bad investments

Power to the aldermen

Now I haven't always been the biggest fan of the Rutland Board of Aldermen, but their recent decision to come to a formal agreement with Green Mountain Power over what has been promised and is expected during the buyout of CVPS is an astute move, and here's why: It provides a starting point for testimony to… Continue reading Power to the aldermen

Congrats in order

The Gift of Life marathon in Rutland (population c. 20,000) collected 1,848 pints of blood yesterday, the second-largest one-day blood drive in the US, ever. So while the target was 1,969 pints, it's hardly a mark of shamethat we didn't quite get there. A few little technical snags with the equipment slowed things down earlier… Continue reading Congrats in order

Gift of Life update

The blood drive is off to a quick start today ... far more organized than just a couple of years ago when the target was a paltry 1,000 pints. Today's target is the national one-day record of 1,969 pints. Walk-in wait time is under two hours, so far, far less than you're used to at… Continue reading Gift of Life update

Now the record is up to the Red Cross (and us)

The folks at the Gift of Life marathon have filled their 2,100 appointment slots for the Dec. 20 blood drive. That means CVPS has done the biggest part of its job -- advance publicity and organizing. Steve Costello gets the lion's share of the recognition for his work with the blood drive, but CV's Chuck Piotrowski is juggling… Continue reading Now the record is up to the Red Cross (and us)