Heavy-handed message

Zusak, M. (2002). I am the messenger. New York: Alfred E. Knopf. Genre: Realistic / fable Intended audience: Older teens Personal reaction to the book: SPOILER ALERT: Review contains spoiler. I really enjoyed the book until the final chapter or so. For most of the book, the game for a reader was guessing who was… Continue reading Heavy-handed message


Digging Holes

Sachar, L. (2008). Holes: 10th anniversary edition. New York: Yearling. Genre: Adventure Intended audience: Tweens and younger teens Personal reaction to the book: A great tween/teen story: Nice use of flashbacks, good moral without being moralist and a quick, fun read. Well-crafted characters. The mundane description of the bizarre work camp adds texture. It's a… Continue reading Digging Holes