Personals ad to AY* 475

You: Woman driving a blue Honda¬†Element with a Thule carrier. I left out one letter * on the plate in case there's two such cars in Rutland. You were wearing aviator shades and between my sunglasses and the tint of my windshield, you had an odd, one-tone color set off against the blue of the… Continue reading Personals ad to AY* 475


The Farrell Vending Diet, or Why BMI Sucks

So I'm on one of those semiannual health kicks, lured by nice weather and an abundance of local food to get out, exercise and try to get into shape. But what shape? I'm a little over 5-foot-9 and weigh 175 (on my doctor's scale, which is five pounds heavy, but that's another tale). My BMI… Continue reading The Farrell Vending Diet, or Why BMI Sucks