Smart meters in, err, on da house

The CVPS meter installer was up and down our block last Friday. We are now the proud owners of two, count 'em two, smart meters. That replaces the old setup, installed so the previous householders could take advantage of CV's off-peak-hours program. That's easier when it's two octogenarians instead of a family of four. But… Continue reading Smart meters in, err, on da house


Bad investments

It looks like the legislature is cooling off on forcing Green Mountain Power and CVPS to sell their interests in Velco to the state. For those not following the blow-by-blow on this one, GMP -- Vermont's second-largest utility -- is buying CVPS -- Vermont's largest utility; as both own large minority stakes in Velco, Vermont's transmission company,… Continue reading Bad investments

Power to the aldermen

Now I haven't always been the biggest fan of the Rutland Board of Aldermen, but their recent decision to come to a formal agreement with Green Mountain Power over what has been promised and is expected during the buyout of CVPS is an astute move, and here's why: It provides a starting point for testimony to… Continue reading Power to the aldermen

There but for the grace of caffeine go I …

It takes real commitment for Mary Powell to change her name to advertise the company's product, don't you think? Vt utility exceeds goal to install 1k solar panels COLCHESTER, Vt. (AP) - Vermont's Green Mountain Power says it has exceeded its goal of installing 1,000 solar panels in 1,000 days. GMP says it has installed… Continue reading There but for the grace of caffeine go I …