Cosmic Q& A

Munroe, R. (2014). What if?¬†New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Genre: Nonfiction, humor Intended audience: Geeks of all ages; some of the humor will be lost on young readers Personal reaction to the book: It's a little like Mythbusters, only on an untestable scale. Munroe muses about or answers readers' often impossible questions (What would happen… Continue reading Cosmic Q& A

Retro worth a shot

Kerr, M.E. (1989). Dinky Hocker shoots smack. New York: Harper Trophy. (Originally published 1972). Genre: Realistic fiction Intended audience: Teens Personal reaction to the book: The fourth book I read for the course and the first one I enjoyed reading. It had believable characters, a flow that never felt like it was sketched out from… Continue reading Retro worth a shot

Personals ad to AY* 475

You: Woman driving a blue Honda¬†Element with a Thule carrier. I left out one letter * on the plate in case there's two such cars in Rutland. You were wearing aviator shades and between my sunglasses and the tint of my windshield, you had an odd, one-tone color set off against the blue of the… Continue reading Personals ad to AY* 475

Demon with two wheels

I have a love-hate relationship with my bike. It's fine, as bikes go. It's a Cannondale "hybrid," designed for roads and light trail use. It's an extremely well-made machine, probably eight years or so old and pretty much maintenance-free except for the tires, which are wearing out. We bought a pair of matching bikes secondhand… Continue reading Demon with two wheels