Poor options over state offices

Since Gov. Peter Shumlin first speculated about the future of the state office complex in Waterbury in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene, I was intrigued by the possibility of state government rethinking how it provides services to the residents ... aka does its job. One of the first lessons I learned in the aftermath… Continue reading Poor options over state offices


Kudos to the Country Store

A few weeks ago, I spent the days leading up to the weekend putting up "OPEN" posts for every business, nonprofit and community group that sent in emails declaring they had sufficiently recovered from T.S. Irene to welcome customers. I tried to interest a couple of people (including a state agency) to partner on a website to do… Continue reading Kudos to the Country Store

Disaster spam, trolls and the stuff on the bottom of my shoe

During the night of the big storm, the Rutland Herald put up a live blog using a program called Cover It Live. We had several thousand posts, everything from questions about what was hit and did we know about this town or that road, to answers, from our reporters and photographers or from the general public, to messages… Continue reading Disaster spam, trolls and the stuff on the bottom of my shoe

Woodworking Festival is ON

These people always give me flashbacks to "Wayne's World" ... I'm not worthy; I'm not worthy ... Have you got an announcement about a business, nonprofit or organization that is reopening after Irene? Send them along to me or to the Vermont Today blog and we’ll get the word out. Support Vermont and attend the… Continue reading Woodworking Festival is ON

Tour de Farms is ON

Jonathan Corcoran and the good folks up in Shoreham want to get the word out that the Tour de Farms is ON for this Sunday. Combining a spectacular bike ride with even more spectacular food, it's a chance to celebrate Vermont. Have you got an announcement about a business, nonprofit or organization that is reopening… Continue reading Tour de Farms is ON

Ludlow celebration is ON

Ludlow, one of the mountain towns hardest hit by Irene, is going ahead with its 250th celebration this weekend. The roads in are open, although you may wish to allow a little extra driving time as they are rough in a few spots. Have you got an announcement about a business, nonprofit or organization that… Continue reading Ludlow celebration is ON

Forest open for business

This just in from my good friend Jenny Nixon Carter, the executive director of the Moosalamoo Association. They have all 16,000 acres open for public recreation following the Forest Service's evaluation in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene. This from Jenny: "The Moosalamoo National Recreation Area received the NRA designation in 2007 in recognition of the… Continue reading Forest open for business

Tip o’ the hat

Casella Waste Management comes through again. These guys volunteered their trucks and crews to clean up after the Nor'icane. They just went into neighborhoods and started moving whatever debris anybody needed to move, no questions, no bills. We tried to cover it at the time, but they weren't in it for the recognition, and their "Aw… Continue reading Tip o’ the hat

Pool party

True story No. 2 from our summer in the drought-hit suburbs of DC. A fire chief from one of the smaller communities between Baltimore and DC was caught filling his swimming pool in direct contravention of the state of water emergency across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast that year. His excuse? He used the pool (occasionally,… Continue reading Pool party

Car wash

A sharp-eyed reader (Thanks J.!) pointed out a resident of Deer Street in Rutland watering his/her lawn today. That's why it's called voluntary water conservation, and people like that are why it is likely to become mandatory conservation soon. Gee, I hope it wasn't my tax accountant ... True story No. 1 from the drought year we… Continue reading Car wash