Body and mind Saturday

From the top: 8:45 AM -- RAHA learn to skate / learn to play hockey program for kids at Spartan Arena. 9:15 AM -- Race-day registration opens for the Halloween 5K put on by city rec. Race time is 10. 10 AM -- The One City One Prompt event, a two-hour shared writing experience, starts at… Continue reading Body and mind Saturday

And the big OPEN

Yes, Virginia, there is a National Guard. Route 4 East from Rutland to Killington is open to one-lane traffic today (you don't need a pass, but you will have to follow a lead car through). Tomorrow it will be open to regular two-lane traffic. No definite word yet when it will be open eastbound to… Continue reading And the big OPEN

Tip o’ the hat

Casella Waste Management comes through again. These guys volunteered their trucks and crews to clean up after the Nor'icane. They just went into neighborhoods and started moving whatever debris anybody needed to move, no questions, no bills. We tried to cover it at the time, but they weren't in it for the recognition, and their "Aw… Continue reading Tip o’ the hat