Open government award?

Just got a press release advising us that NY State Sen. Roy McDonald is to be honored as the Saratoga County Citizens Committee for Mental Health citizen of the year. I'm sure we are delighted to join in recognizing not only the senator's work in mental health but in open government. The picture accompanying the… Continue reading Open government award?


Distracted driving

I thought Steve Pappas had a good editorial on driving and cell phones in the Times Argus this week (reprinted in the Herald), but there's another step media outlets can take on this issue. An editorial is fine, but regular coverage of issues speak louder because they are repetitive. With the state legislature likely to… Continue reading Distracted driving

Montreal? Mais non!

I see the Herald will be running a regular arts column about Montreal (distance, 181 miles). I can only hope that means we'll be seeing regular coverage of the lively arts scenes in Saratoga (72 miles), Glens Falls (52 miles), Hanover (51 miles), and/or Tinmouth, which has a really good little performing arts operation we never seemed to have time… Continue reading Montreal? Mais non!

Disaster spam, trolls and the stuff on the bottom of my shoe

During the night of the big storm, the Rutland Herald put up a live blog using a program called Cover It Live. We had several thousand posts, everything from questions about what was hit and did we know about this town or that road, to answers, from our reporters and photographers or from the general public, to messages… Continue reading Disaster spam, trolls and the stuff on the bottom of my shoe

Click here

OK, here ... WordPress doesn't support live links in titles. OK people, listen up. There's a fair bit of comment bubbling along about our ability/difficulties getting papers delivered. It started Sunday night with a lone heckler on our live blog (somebody logged in as Mike's PC Repair), wondering in a somewhat sarcastic tone if we were… Continue reading Click here