Mighty Maus

Spiegelman, A. (2008). Maus, I: A survivor's tale: My father bleeds history. Paw Prints: Charlotte, North Carolina. Genre: Graphic novel / memoir Intended audience: Older teens, adults. Personal reaction to the book: Originally published in 1986, Maus pretty much set the standard for “serious” graphic novels, and it's hard to separate reputation that from the… Continue reading Mighty Maus


Long black veil

Satrapi, M. (2003). Persepolis. New York: Pantheon. Genre: Graphic novel Intended audience: Mid- to older teens Personal reaction to the book: I enjoyed this. The art is done in a distinctive style, almost minimalist, and the black-and-white presentation adds to the tone of the book. The subject matter is equally distinctive, telling the story of… Continue reading Long black veil

Cosmic Q& A

Munroe, R. (2014). What if? New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Genre: Nonfiction, humor Intended audience: Geeks of all ages; some of the humor will be lost on young readers Personal reaction to the book: It's a little like Mythbusters, only on an untestable scale. Munroe muses about or answers readers' often impossible questions (What would happen… Continue reading Cosmic Q& A