Notes from the editor emeritus

In early 2012, needing a job, I went to work at a small newspaper in nearby Granville, NY. It was eye-opening. My adopted hometown of Rutland, VT, has a reputation, well-earned, for having a problem with petty crime caused mainly by abusers of recreational drugs, largely prescription but also pot, heroin, coke and the rest… Continue reading Notes from the editor emeritus

Open post to Mary Powell

On PEG-TV's Insight show, I asked Mary Powell, CEO of Green¬†Mountain Power, the company buying out CVPS,¬†about the possibility of teaming up with Stafford Tech Center to develop a specialty in developing electrical technicians. Rutland is, after all, about to become the operations center for the new, combined utility, and CV has opened its demonstration… Continue reading Open post to Mary Powell

Around town

Rutland city for once dodged the worst of flooding, with one notable exception. Michael Garofano Sr. has been confirmed dead following his disappearance at the city water inlet in Mendon yesterday. Michael Jr. is missing from the same incident. Crews have been searching for about 25 hours now. The Herald extends its condolences, and thanks… Continue reading Around town