Game, set and match

Card, O.S. (1985). Ender's game. New York: Tor. Genre: Science fiction Intended audience: Mid-teens and older Personal reaction to the book: Overall, I was pretty blown away by this one. Yes, there are elements of a coming-of-age novel, but there's a much more fascinating study of war and the military mind, society and social hierarchy.… Continue reading Game, set and match

Hit me, hit me, hit me

Burgess, M. (2013). The hit. Frome, England: Somerset. Genre: Dystopian near-future Intended audience: Older teens Personal reaction to the book: A challenging and sometimes disturbing book. The sole thing that makes this a YA title is the age of the protagonist. The point in his life cycle is typical YA; otherwise, the fare is grim:… Continue reading Hit me, hit me, hit me