Global cooling?

Last week I was deluged with tweets and Facebook posts discussing our heat wave (and, yes, @billmckibben, that means you) as a sign of global warming.But any given heat wave is weather, not climate, as McKibben certainly knows. A big part of fighting global climate change is educating the general public about the issues. One… Continue reading Global cooling?


Changing face of downtown

After a period of stagnation, change is coming to downtown Rutland. Some change is inevitable: Stores close or move away; others open or move in. That change is also short[term cyclical. The change I'm discussing is also cyclical, but over a much longer term. At one time, downtown was the social and shopping center of… Continue reading Changing face of downtown

Kudos to the Country Store

A few weeks ago, I spent the days leading up to the weekend putting up "OPEN" posts for every business, nonprofit and community group that sent in emails declaring they had sufficiently recovered from T.S. Irene to welcome customers. I tried to interest a couple of people (including a state agency) to partner on a website to do… Continue reading Kudos to the Country Store

Open post to Mary Powell

On PEG-TV's Insight show, I asked Mary Powell, CEO of Green Mountain Power, the company buying out CVPS, about the possibility of teaming up with Stafford Tech Center to develop a specialty in developing electrical technicians. Rutland is, after all, about to become the operations center for the new, combined utility, and CV has opened its demonstration… Continue reading Open post to Mary Powell


Spent an always-fascinating morning talking to the students in David Blow's journalism ethics class at Castleton State College. Each year, his students read the paper for a week, then grade us on how inclusive we are in several categories (age, gender, race, religion, ability (read disability if you're not up on the inclusive terminology), economic… Continue reading Diversity

Woodworking Festival is ON

These people always give me flashbacks to "Wayne's World" ... I'm not worthy; I'm not worthy ... Have you got an announcement about a business, nonprofit or organization that is reopening after Irene? Send them along to me or to the Vermont Today blog and we’ll get the word out. Support Vermont and attend the… Continue reading Woodworking Festival is ON

Tour de Farms is ON

Jonathan Corcoran and the good folks up in Shoreham want to get the word out that the Tour de Farms is ON for this Sunday. Combining a spectacular bike ride with even more spectacular food, it's a chance to celebrate Vermont. Have you got an announcement about a business, nonprofit or organization that is reopening… Continue reading Tour de Farms is ON

Ludlow celebration is ON

Ludlow, one of the mountain towns hardest hit by Irene, is going ahead with its 250th celebration this weekend. The roads in are open, although you may wish to allow a little extra driving time as they are rough in a few spots. Have you got an announcement about a business, nonprofit or organization that… Continue reading Ludlow celebration is ON

I love this town

Walking to the Co-op and back to buy lunch on Sunday ... There's four guys playing stoop ball between Timco's and the Vegas Deli and then a block down, there's a hippy washing his waist-length hair at an outside tap by the VFW. It takes all kinds to make the world go around, and you… Continue reading I love this town

Mendon and me

A letter to the editor today and a private missive in my inbox slagging the evil Mendonites who are trying to build a rec center in Rutland City. Sigh. Where to begin? OK, there's probably somebody from Mendon in the Creative Economy outdoor rec committee. And the CE steering committee includes (if I have everybody's… Continue reading Mendon and me