Giving updates …

A phenomenal turnout at the Paramount Theatre on Saturday for the Festival of Trees … many, many thanks to our donors, volunteers and bidders. I hope a good time was had by all … and I look forward to cooking dinner for six at the Burzons in the New Year! It’s our third year donating this entry and it got bid up to $450, so we’ll be laying on an extra-special menu this year.

The Gift of Life Marathon blood drive  is up to about 1,600 appointments out of a target of 2,100. Join us to help set a national record for a one-day drive on Dec. 20.

And my good friend Art Jones needs a little oomph in the final four days of his Kickstarter campaign to fund his fine film The Blood in This Town, about the drive and the story it tells about what’s possible in small-town America. He’s within $4,000 $1,300 $1,000 of his target:

We aim to share this film with rural and rust-belt communities across the country, and help spark and uncover other remarkable stories of innovation and community-building.


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