Presto! C’est chic

Tobin, P., & Coover, C. (2013). Bandette, Volume 1: Presto! Milwaukie, Oregon: Dark Horse Comics.

Genre: Graphic novel

Intended audience: Mid-teens and older

BandettePersonal reaction to the book: A fun option to the dark violence and manga subgenres that dominate so much of the graphic novel scene. Bandette is a very French protagonist (think Amelie, from the movie of the same name). She is pert, sassy and indomitable: A great heroine for girls to follow. Unlike most costumed female heroines, she wears actual clothing. I would recommend the book for younger readers; the publisher recommends 15+ due to some smoking and a background sexual situation.

One quibble: The volume is a little slim, and very much first of a series. In my youth I read many “comic books” with more panels than this “graphic novel.”

Author facts: Tobin & Coover are a husband-and-wife team. He is the writer and she is the illustrator. They live in Portland, Oregon.

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